Positive Guidance for Children

8 Days Education & Training
Short Courses Language of Delivery : English
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  • 1 - Topic 1: Positive Discipline
    The topic discusses what discipline is, the difference between positive and negative discipline, and the personal beliefs of teachers.

    Topic Outcomes

    Upon completion of this topic, you will be able to do the following:

    1. Define "discipline"
    2. Compare positive and negative discipline
    3. Discuss the difference between punishment and discipline
    4. Describe the personal beliefs of teachers and their influence on guidance
  • 2 - Topic 2: Indirect Positive Guidance Strategies
    Topic 2 discusses how indirect guidance strategies can be implemented in preschools and the home. The emphasis is on how it helps to prevent misbehaviour in children.

    Topic Outcomes

    Upon completion of this topic, you will be able to do the following:

    1. Differentiate between two types of guidance strategies
    2. Explain indirect guidance strategies for infants and toddlers
    3. Discuss indirect guidance strategies in schools
    4. Observe the environment to see how it helps prevent misbehaviour
  • 3 - Topic 3: Direct Positive Guidance Strategies
    The topic discusses what direct guidance strategies are, the principles and types of direct positive guidance strategies, and how they may be used in preschools and the home.

    Topic Outcomes

    Upon completion of this topic, you will be able to do the following:

    1. Define direct guidance strategies 
    2. Discuss the principles of direct guidance strategies
    3. Explain the different types of direct strategies that may be adopted by teachers in the classroom
    4. Demonstrate the use of these techniques in the classroom

The microcourse examines how teachers, parents and caregivers can use positive guidance in developing the social and emotional well-being of children. Focus is what is positive guidance, difference between discipline and positive guidance, indirect and direct  guidance strategies. The course consists of 3 topics.


Learners: Teachers, parents and anyone interested


What Skills Will You Learn?

  1. Understand the concept of positive guidance
  2. Apply principles of positive guidance in the classroom or at home


You will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement based on the fulfillment of the following:

  1. Submission of TWO (2) short essays and achieved the required standard
  2. The essays are based on the learning materials in the course and on your experience as a teacher, parent, or a person interested in the positive education of children.
1 - Explain the difference between positive guidance and discipline
2 - Identify the indirect and direct positive guidance strategies
3 - Practice the principles and techniques of positive guidance

Ms. Sislady Melinda Vincent Rosius

Designation : Senior Lecturer, School of Education and Cognitive Science, AeU


About the Instructor

You are required to complete all the learning activities provided in this course. Assessments are given to evaluate your achievement of the Course Learning Outcomes. You are able to download a Certificate of Achievement/Certificate of Completion upon completion of all requisite learning materials and passing the prescribed assessments.
  • 1 - Certificate of Completion

    Completion of:

    • Course notes/readings 
    • Course learning activities

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What’s included

  • 3 Topics
  • Certificate
  • 3 Learning Outcomes
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • 8 Days Duration