Digital Learning Theories and Principles

3 Weeks Education & Training Course Credit : 1
Short Courses Language of Delivery : English
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There is an impressive body of research evidence on how students learn whether they be in preschool, primary school, secondary school, college, university or the corporate sector. This microcredential examines how students learn with digital technologies. Focus is on how behaviourism, cognitivism and constructivism explain how people learn and how educators apply these theories in the learning environment in which digital technologies are employed. An Integrated Theory of Digital Learning (ITDL) is introduced which ties these theories in explaining how students learn effectively and efficiently using digital technologies. Finally, the course examines the principles of digital learning and how it impacts learning design.

Assessment for the microcourse is based on the following:

  • 60% – Work-Based Assignment
  • 40% – Quiz

Duration: 3 Weeks . You need to spend about 1 hour per day

Upon completion the microcredential and meeting all assessment requirements, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement (CA) by SPEED in collaboration with Asia e University (AeU).

1 - Explain how humans learn
2 - Discuss how behaviourism, cognitivism and constructivism explain human learning
3 - Analyse the features of the Integrated Digital Learning Model (IDLM)
4 - Apply the IDLM in designing the digital learning experiences for students

Prof. Dr. John Arul Phillips

Designation : Dean, School of Education & Cognitive Sciences (SECS)


  • Ph.D Science in Education, Indiana University
  • Master of Science in Education, Indiana University
  •  Bachelor of Arts (Hons), University of Malaya
  • Diploma in Education, University of Malaya

About the Instructor

  • Dean, School of Education & Cognitive Sciences (SECS)
  • Involved in preparing educators at the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels through online distance learning. 
  • Has authored a variety of journal articles, books and books chapters with his primary research in the areas of human learning, thinking skills, adolescent behaviour, curriculum design, programme evaluation, technology integration and e-learning.

You are required to complete all the learning activities provided in this course. Assessments are given to evaluate your achievement of the Course Learning Outcomes. You are able to download a Certificate of Achievement/Certificate of Completion upon completion of all requisite learning materials and passing the prescribed assessments.
  • 1 - Certificate of Achievement

    Completion of:

    • Course notes/readings
    • Formal course assessment- Multiple Choice Questions/Self assessment 

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